Posted: November 10, 2014 in JoB MiRRor

Hello guys, now i have been thinking, we keep saying there are no jobs and blaming either the schools we attended, course we read or the government but is that really the reason for the high spate of unemployment in this country?
I’m just saying my own o…not like i have one job or not but lets try to trace the real problem.

Now, for the fellas that blame the courses they read in unis. I have this belief that if you study yoruba education and finish with first class you’ll atleast be employed as an interpretter for daddy Adeboye in redeem camp  if not a very good firm.

No matter what we do, if we try to be the best, our situation won’t be half as bad as it is now. You may be thinking i’m one scholar….you have no idea :(. But I dont belong to the class of people  that complain and blame Universities for lack of exposure as a reason for joblessness even if we know it plays a role. What I believe is that your gift or talent will make way for you (prov 18:16). So its not really about finishing with Third class from Fishery dept in one bungalow university in Kwara * no subs intended* but just doing what you love, whether people support you or not.
On another note, its funny that there are so many job offers coming in on a weekly basis but still no significant increase in employment. Maybe people have given up on searching or checking the wrong places…i don’t know.
So tell us, what do you think is the real cause of unemployment in Nigeria, and how can we stop it?


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