Posted: November 12, 2014 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY

Now, before i start, lets take a minute to remember our brothers in the friend zone……………………………………………………………………………………….. AMEN! Also, Ladies, clap for yourselves…your mates were inventing lightbulbs, sewing machine or bicycle…you invented Friend Zone.

This friend zone is against everything a guy stands for. If friend zone was a disease or epidermic, Ebola will just be headache. There’s hardly any guy that can say he hasnt been zoned in this life. Even our dear artistes sing about it.

How did it even start sef? To the extent that you now have Family zone, Brother zone et al. It pains me. You meet one fine girl that you’re having hope on and then one day she shouts “Mexy, padi of life”….Haaa!!!

 For people who don’t know the full idea of the friend zone parole. Friend zone is simply the stage where  someone (victim) wishes to be in a romantic relationship wherein the other (victor) does not. So you’re seen somewhat like family and any romantic thing is incest rye? And many girls are just too happy to friend zone guys these days.

Let me paint a typical friend zone scenario for y’all. Lets say you like Bola. Your role model is Wizkid so you want to die untop her matter. You’ll do anything for her, carry bag, do assignment, discuss deep family issues, you’re always even have a way to solve all her problems…Are You God?? So as you carry her matter on your head like afro…she’ll tell you things like “awww, you’re so sweet, you’re the best” even give you side hugs.

 What’s happening here is because you’re always around…you’re never missed. You’ll notice that when her girlfriends are around, you will be in their midst cos you’re a GIRL.

At this stage you’re drowning in the friend zone and can only be saved probably by Rapture. Cos she can even make you her Chief Bridesmaid due to the fact that you’re dependable. I mean which kind of boyfriend has time for all that.

Well, i’ve been here, so i tried to research to figure out why guys fall into friendzone and how to get out of it.

How many of you guys watched Harry Potter? Remember Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger? True life story of a guy that made it out of the friend zone. LOL!

 So,  I’m not assuring you these tips will work for you but, my people say, Half bread is better than puff puff.

To know about the tips…keep reading this blog…to be continued!

  1. anonymos says:

    good one. indeed every guy has been there. can’t wait to get the tips.


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