Man Marries Off Two Monkeys

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Celeb News & Gossip

Now  this is really funny, i read this article off a magazine where an indian man named Udesh Mahto married off his pet monkeys. The wedding was organized by the owner of the 13-year old male monkey named Ramu and his bride, a female monkey called Ramdulari.


So this man organised a proocession through his village where the couple were even solemnised by a local Hindu priest. More than 200 villagers attended the wedding. I wonder if Bella Naija got a pic…you can check sha #asoebibella.

Sha, the “bride” dressed in an Orange frock and the sexy “groom” wearing a yellow T-shirt were taken in a procession on top of a flower-bedecked SUV, accompanied by music and dancing *singing…she no want designer*.


Don’t be surprised if this relationship lasts longer than some of your own……hahaha!

P.S: Insert your best wishes below


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