The Most Expensive Wedding Gowns in the World

Posted: November 19, 2014 in FaShIoN fRiDaY

In 2006 designer Renee Strauss teamed up with Martin Katz Jewlers to create a $12 million dress covered in diamonds. It has been labeled “The Diamond Wedding Gown.”

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There’s also the “White Gold Diamond Dress” designed by Yumi Katsura in Japan. It not only has diamonds, but also pearls, an emerald, and silk.


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Kate Middleton’s wedding gown was designed by Alexandar McQueen and is worth $400,000. It’s delicate, elegant, full of lace, and all of the class the bride of a crown prince needs.

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Grace Kelly’s iconic wedding gown is still considered one of the most beautiful dresses of all time. Even today brides try to mimic Kelly’s classic and elegant style. The dress itself was $8,000 – but add inflation and the fees for the costume designer and you have a very pretty penny to spend.


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Staying with royal weddings – Princess Diana’s dress was also one which cost a bundle. It is so iconic and memorable even the experts can’t put a price on it. With the silk, pearls, and sequins, (not to mention the historical significance) Diana’s dress is priceless.


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Back in 2009, Vera Wang designed a daring peacock feathered dress. While it may not be considered the most beautiful wedding dress in the world, it does cost a heafty $1.5 million.


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It might not look like much, but a pearl gown from the 1950’s which weighs 27 pounds is still thought to be one of the most expensive in history. It took years to find the pearls and 2 months to create. It’s not only worth what is on the dress, but also the time it took to make it.

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Then in 2010 came the Danasha Luxury Gown which costs $1.5 million. It’s made with gold, diamonds, taffeta, and 100% handmade.

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Now if only the steep numbers of the dresses were a reflection of the years celebrity marriages last…LOL

So which one are you getting? 😉

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  1. hayeesha says:

    Super cool luxury wedding gown👌💞


  2. Irus says:

    omo this is vanity oo!!! some of these gowns can feed a community. anyways,
    they’re nice


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