Father Christmas or Santa Claus??

Posted: December 23, 2014 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Father Christmas or Santa Claus, what is the real difference between these two? I’ve always wondered. Used to think Father Christmas was for Nigeria and Santa Claus more of a foreign specie but i realised Americans even call them Father Christmas too…bleeh


December, arguably the most anticipated month of the year. I used “arguably” there just so i don’t sound biased cos for me its my favorite month. I think i look forward to it more than my birthday.

The smell of Christmas is in the air. This smell sha can be in form of banger, Harmattan  or Chicken.

I remember when i was younger i would’ve saved up enough money to buy those knockouts and from 13th of December the street was in a mini war. Don’t lie you played those too. Some of you even did this game. Who remembers this? If you don’t know this game, from now on call me Uncle.

As i grew older my priorities changed to attending end of the year parties like NTA/LTV Christmas Party. Where we would give shoutout to our principal, uncle wale, aunty joke, mummy, daddy ..wishing them a “mewwy cwismas and a happy nu year in avance”. LOL!

Then i would go into one hut and sit down on one man that looks like this.


This is sad.

I became bigger and all i wanted was to collect money for Christmas clothes that i will rock on 25th.

Truth is, generally everyone sees Christmas as different things. It maybe a money making venture, village going time or food eating period.

I had a chat with some kids on what they thought Christmas was all about. Most said it was Father Christmas Birthday….as funny as it sounds we aren’t not really different from them. Think about it.

Christmas Day (25th Dec) is just a remembrance of the birth of Jesus, Who lives and is born in us everyday we choose to accept him. Its about time we focus on the reason for our celebration.

I am not saying declare a fast or don’t go to your village but take some time to reflect on meaning of Jesus’ birth in your life personally……..change someone’s orientation today.

Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas readers!

  1. Whales says:

    Xmas used to be about party..new clothes for me……before the grinch spirit came along


  2. ozalla says:

    all na scam


  3. ibukun says:

    this is hilarious and so tru


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