Posted: December 30, 2014 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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It all started just like any other year. Final exams and all the activities that comes with it. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got a new phone…maybe that’s the reason.

After school life, parents drama and learning to fend for myself by working to earn money. 2014  was at times very fast and at other times quite slow. Fast when you enjoying it and having fun but very slow when you’re concentrating on your problems.

2014 was a standout year for me personally. For some reason i won’t forget this year. Sometimes i just sat on my bed and thought to myself, “when will this year end?”. It was pretty challenging, and maybe by August i could have just said it was a terrible year but getting to November i realized a few things.

The popular saying “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” really is the story of this year.

2014 made me realize the following:

1. I don’t give myself enough credit. Sometimes, i go through things and maybe they don’t turn out the exact way i imagined it in my head but still it was not all that bad. So i end up beating myself up because of that. I’ve learnt to accept what is and praise myself for the attempt.

One example was when i tried to get an OAP job in Cool fm. For peeps who have gone there, you would know its not for average let alone small guys. The interview and audition was awkward, scary, new. Trust me, in cases like that, its better to come with full ego cos you’ll probably leave with none. Those guys were very intimidating. Speaking one kind “phoneh” like we were in yankee. The nigga who conducted the audition, who was forming hard and bossy …i found out was one nobody there. I left there disappointed and very angry cos i prepared so well but i didn’t perform as much as i expected. Shockingly, i was recalled again and moved on to signing a contract. The long and short of this is, sometimes we need to be calm even when things don’t go so well.

2. A worthy saying “Never stop learning because Life never stops teaching”. No year has taught me so much about myself more than 2014. Situations don’t necessarily define who you are. Cos you are going through a bad phase doesn’t make you a “not-good” person.

Tough times don’t last, Tough people do. I learnt that its not Failure if you learnt something from it. I’ve learnt that human expectation can only lead to disappointment. So i prefer to take the approach of expecting people to fail me hence i don’t get heartbroken. I’m perfectly in between Pessimism and Optimism ..i’m a Realist.

God is the only reason i’m alive right now. I had a very close shave with death for the first time in my life in 2014. I owe him my life.

Grateful for Family and for my numerous wonderful Friends.

So i’m gonna use this opportunity to mention some wonderful people who played a role in making me a far better guy in 2014. In no particular order.

-Seun Oyatoye, Samuel OKolie, Fikewa Sanni, Chidi Okorochukwu, Miebi Belair, DJ Mordu, Tumininu, Deola Adeboyega, Nicole Mang, Kim Davids, Wale Olomide, Baruwa Kola, Oresanya Temi, Love Elliot, Demilade Adebisi, David & Tobi Alabi, and Ayobami. I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DID FOR ME AND FOR COPING WITH MY SHORT COMINGS. GOD BLESS.

I wish everyone reading this a very blissful and prosperous 2015. God bless us :*

  1. Whales says:

    Now ‘m gonna cry..we love you pieces….ni 2015 iyanu ma sele


  2. Taymie says:

    Same here bro. 2015 shall be a much better year for us ☺☺👊


  3. onyeiwu chidinma says:

    Lovely post nice one bro


  4. Tolulope Mabo says:

    Nice and touching……wish you the same and more dear. :*


  5. Nkiru says:

    A lovely write up. Enjoyed every bit of it.Cheers to d new year….whoop whoop


  6. charles` says:

    great write up, *thumbs up*


  7. Kolade says:

    Wow nice write up


  8. Myebi says:

    Mexy my GUY!!! LOL Prosperous 2015 to you fam..


  9. Mojirade says:

    Nice one. 2014 was indeed an eventful year. Thankful for the grace to see the new year.
    Good job Meksy


  10. Awww. I feel like i can say the same about my 2014.
    Nice writing.


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