The Bitter Pill

Posted: January 2, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Hey everyone, if you are reading this you made it into 2015. So permit me to give you a #MexydooDiary scream….HHAAAPPPPPPYYYY  NNEEEWW YEEAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thank God for sparing our lives.

So today, i have something very very interesting for us to discuss and interact. YOU MUST COMMENT and i’m not joking here. Ok, pls try to tell me what you feel “Nagode, Ese, Daalu” LOL

Now, everybody wants to be loved, be in-love, pull off one stunning proposal, do one i-better-pass-my-padi-asoebi-bella inspired wedding and have one North West-Blue Ivy kinda baby. Especially girls.

This is not a bad dream to have, so from Mexydoo to you…keep sleeping!

If i’m right, the dream ought to be something like this

Everyone who sees your picture goes “awwwww….love is beautiful”. After this stage, nobody cares about you guys again but what we hope to see i.e if marriages were mathematics would be

Ask yourself, how many marriages successfully make this transition in this century?

We skipped the part where “Nobody cares about you guys again” i.e in between the two pictures displayed above.

Now, let me give you a True Life Story of that part. I’m not implying that it doesn’t get better than this tho.

Story! Story?!!

There is this family, lets call them “Mr & Mrs Onobanjo and family”

P:S (Just a random picture)

Now, this couple has been married for 20 years. Both from Osogbo. They are blessed with 3 lovely boys who are now becoming full fledged teenagers. The first child is 15 years old, the second 13 while the third and baby of the house just turned 9. The Onobanjo’s are the typical average family. Mr. Onobanjo is a banker and his lovely wife a business woman. You could say they were a happy family.

They go to church regularly even if Mr. Onobanjo is one who you have to literally drag to come. The older they got into the marriage the more they started discovering their differences. This led to constant disagreements and quarrels. Mr. Onobanjo though an “angry man” had always kept to two beliefs. Which were; Not touching(beating) his wife, putting family first i.e  going and doing whatever it takes to provide for his family.

Early last year, Mr Onobanjo lost his job and he didn’t take it lightly. He was depressed at times tho his wife tried her best to encourage him.

But just when things were starting to look up, he noticed his wife’s change in behavior. She kept to herself, Would leave home very early and come back late from work, Started taking her phone calls somewhere private, he would come into the kitchen and see her sobbing only to ask her why and she would say “its fine”. He was very worried but still couldn’t get her to open up.

After 2-3 months of this new-strange behavior, She decided to talk to her husband.

She called him aside and starting crying profusely. She told her husband that the 3 kids they have are not his and they belong to another man. It so happened that the real father was tired of the games and wanted his family. I’m sure you can imagine Mr. onobanjo’s reaction.

Meaning she has been having an affair with an outside man when she realized he was not capable of making her pregnant. Mr. Onobanjo was distraught, couldn’t believe anything until she showed him DNA results to prove it. His whole world is upside down right now…….

Guys, Imagine you were Mr. Onobanjo, what will you do?

Ladies, If after 3 years of marriage in which you haven’t been able to conceive, you find out your husband has 2 kids for another woman who he takes care of…What will you “truly” do?



  1. onyeiwu chidinma says:

    I will definitely pack n leave


  2. Taymie says:

    Better if I don’t find out. Na to drink harpic remain


  3. Dr. Garhbie says:

    Hmm….this is a though one, of course I’ll be heartbroken but we hv to fix things…I’ll make sure he Keeps taking care of them BUT he has to STOP having an affair with their mother.


  4. Chinelo says:

    I will definitely be heartbroken….but my next move to get IVF done ASAP if i havnt given it a shot before.


  5. Chinelo says:

    *would be to get IVF


  6. Amahhh says:

    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
    Oh well, av neva really bin za sharing type….I don’t like to share! Not my clothings, toiletries….hell not even my cutlery… I jx don’t!!!
    How much more someone/something dahz meant to b mine n mine alone till death do us part….
    ….#tbh its berra I don’t find out cz wah I dunno won’t hurt me
    Anoda fact z I won’t leave my home for her….no way Sis!!!
    Imma go down on my knees in prayer to God n I kno he’ll ansa me…bcz he blessed my marriage n wah he(God) joins togeda….no one(not even a lady who has dozens of kids for my husband) can put asunder…
    Y should I b scared of someone coming btw me n my hubby wen I can go on my knees in prayer n God himself comes btw dah individual n their destiny?????


  7. Marcel says:

    I can’t imagine to be Mr Onabanjo because I wil never be in such a situation. My wife is a good thing, a blessing of the Lord to me, she will make me rich and would add no sorrow to me.
    For those who have found or will find themselves in such a terrible dilemma; the best thing to do is to turn to God – there is a reason He is the Great deliverer- He can save the marriage.
    But of course it would not be easy.


  8. onyeiwu chidinma says:

    Oh well d bible doesn’t condone divorce so I may not divorce but I’ll leave 2 clear my head n den come back 2 sort d issues …dats wat I mean by I’ll leave.


  9. Seun O says:

    It wld be a painful situation, moreso dat d true father of our kids wants his family including my wife back . I would try to keep my family if they r willing to stay, but if dey arr not, guess i wld just let them leave. No point fighting over it.


  10. harriet says:

    wow!i have no idea what i will do but i will be devastated


  11. Cute Fairy says:

    Nice one Mexy,
    I would say Friendship,communication, respect, endurance, patience et all…lol are necessary to fill d gap between the picture above. And d absence of these bring up issues in marriages. Am not married, jst d little i ave observed.
    Anyways if i was in that shoe…. it would take alot of courage and strength of God. But i would surely work it out.


  12. Amiey says:

    It’s only fair for him to allow me to b called “mum” ivf, another man, whatever. I’m not gonna sit and b childless when I’m not the cause.


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