The Bitter Pill Too

Posted: January 6, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Hello everyone, its Mexydoo on the keyboard you already know..doing what i do best…serving you hot topics with the Mexy flow….like only Mexy can…so stop hating young fan…LOL! lemme stop here before you guys start asking for my album. 😉

Okies, Trust me, i never thought i would be going on with this topic but from your comments i think we might just be doing a series.
Love, “Realationships”, Marriages. Afterall these are very broad and interesting stuffs to talk about.

You should know that whatever i write here is no way fictional. The characters may be but the stories are real. So let me be the narrator.

*Clears throat*…It all happened long long ago……in the year 1958

Don’t mind me…

Tonye, a 19 year old Mass Comm student of Unilag. The last child in her large female dominated family. Where the first born was a boy followed by 5 girls. She was never really taken to be the baby of the house. This maybe was due to the fact that she was always principled, introverted and way too matured for her age.

deji and tonye

Now, Tonye was just in her 300level when she met him. He was everything…everything she never thought she would like in a guy, He was shorter than she imagined, a talkative..meaning he was quite outgoing (putting it mildly), a little bit unserious. She liked him. Not at first but gradually. There was something about Deji. He would always have the right words for every situation, He was caring and genuine.

deji 1

They started hanging out together and where seen everywhere even while everyone wondered what she saw in him. He asked her to be his. She knew this was it. She would tell her sisters “he’s my first and last”..they would laugh but were very happy for her….”baby T is finally growing up and talking love” as they will always tease her.

deji and tonye

Days turned into months and into a year. They graduated. You can blame distance but despite the love they had things weren’t meant to be.

Tonye caught him cheating on her on several occasions. The first two times he begged and claimed to change and because she loved him so much …she would cry and forgive him.

It soon got out of hand when another girl picked his phone by mistake. That was the end. Her depression and heartache was almost unbearable.


Tears rolled down Caleb’s cheek as he explained all to his mum. He has done everything possible to prove he was nothing like Deji. They’ve been together for 3 and the half years now and still she didn’t trust him. He had bought the ring and was prepared to propose to her but wasn’t 100% certain he would get a good reply. She wanted him…She infact needed him but she was too scared to open up again nor bring herself to face the hurt of the past.

To her, All Men Are The Same.

Alright people, you’ve read the story..Lets hear your reactions. Try to answer the following questions too

How well do you move on and What effects does your past relationships have on your new one?

A girl once told me she never learns anything from past relationships and just goes with a blank page into the new one


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I remain your loving Mexydoo…peace!

  1. chuksthegr8 says:

    Humans are created uniquely so the notion that all men/women are the same is wrong. Nobody leaves a relationship the same way they went in, subconsciously some changes take place in the person’s psyche and some lessons are learnt. This’ why it is impossible to go into a new relationship without some carry over lessons from an old relationship.
    Mexy what type of album are you talking about? Your photo album? Oh well we know you’re ugly so no need asking for it, 😝😝😜


  2. Amiey says:

    19? 300lvl? Mass comm? Last born? Hmmmmm


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