Posted: February 3, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Alone I was, Alone I was safe;

Free of every problem, It was good in my cave.

She was the red in my grey;

The light in my day.

Something felt different or so i thought

Should I or Shouldn’t I, I was Caught………in two.

Courage said, “take a chance”

To take a step that turned to dance.

Feelings of ecstasy, It felt everlasting;

We would laugh, talk, our chats seemed unending.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months;

and not a single hour where you absent from my thoughts.

You would fight me so i could draw you closer;

And despite my pride I only wanted you nearer.

This was new although i’ve been with few;

It felt good for the moment but then it flew.

Reality dawned and paid its check;

And just like that, she was gone without a peck.

Not feeling sad for once and i’ll give you the reason;

Cos in life there should never be regrets but always a lesson.

– Mexydoo

  1. anoni mus says:

    You let me go, without a fight…
    What happened to the promises you made a night….
    “I will never let you out of my sight”
    “I will love you with all my might”
    They say love is blind, but I could see your face, ever so bright…
    Its all over, now I search for a new knight.


  2. Simi Aroboto says:

    Very nice Emeka


  3. Whales says:

    Its still good in your Cave
    For you’ve given her something to Crave…………………..Nice poem Nice rhymes.


  4. Vikky says:



  5. Don't call me Mzungu if you're an adult says:

    felt it x


  6. ifeoluwa says:



  7. Mojirade says:

    Lovely composition. Even though I can’t believe its coming from you.lol


  8. Amiey says:

    *yawns* :p nice poem lover boy


  9. J-baby says:

    child, ya mushy o!!! hmmmm hmmmm.. Mr Emotional my foot!! if u hear!! nice on BTW 👌👍 proud of u.


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