Posted: February 12, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Hey guys, hope everyone is good. I want to start by thanking everyone that read the poem #Chance and for the comments.
Now, its that time of the year. From what i know, this day is more cherished by girls…i may be wrong.

Most people don’t even know the origin of valentines day, why they wear red sef. I’m not gonna tell you either.

Ok, just cos i’m nice “Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia”.

I’ve never celebrated vals day in my life. All i know is that people buy stuffs and give themselves….why? i have no idea.

No kidding, vals day is kinda a big deal in Nigeria. There are some particular stuffs that are constant;

Roses! Naija girls have 0 value for this. If you think i’m lying, buy one for your babe and ask her two days later to bring it. If she still has it, marry her.

Chocolates, teddy bears, cakes, gadgets….why am i even telling you.
Did you notice that of all these, there’s nothing for guys.

Big shout out to all my guys fasting, not eating well or generally going through famine cos of valentine. The Lord is your strength.
If only you could fast like this when your church declared fast, you may have been rich, LOL

Valentine generally is about love, Husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, Blogger and reader ;). I don’t think you should kill yourself to impress anybody…and don’t mind all these single people doing like they have no emotion and don’t care about val. They are just deceiving themselves.

So if you want to be my val just let me know. Just give me 7days notice before the day and i promise, anything you want will be bought by me. 😀

One good memory i have of vals day was last year in Unilag. My roommate had a girlfriend. He bought stuffs for her and she bought one nice chocolate cake for him. I remember we locked the door and brought knives. It was a very happy day…i felt loved even though it wasn’t for me.

Girls please step up small, this is 2015 for christsake. How will you buy boxers or byc singlet and be expecting Life size teddy, chocolates, phone and candle light dinner??

Later you will say Jonathan is corrupt.

Well as you know, your president and co just made this day open again. So on behalf of my unprepared brothers…i advice you (girls) not too expect too much this year

I can predict this val is gonna be very boring because all my friends are single now. Tragic!





  1. Tolu says:

    Hahaha. Smh


  2. gloria says:

    Humm,interesting,’val day , l think d euphoria around d day is actually more interesting/romantic than d actual experiences dt follows The questions are;
    * hw real and lasting are d feelings unleashed on Val day?

    *Are dr more more casualties of love
    b4 or after this day?
    If u ask me, real love is too dear not 2 b celebrated genuinely so if u most partake of it b sure u mean it and are ready 2 stick beyond d euphoria season happy Val days


  3. ada says:

    Well done mexy.good piece.


  4. Vikky says:

    Never dissapoints


  5. Taymie says:

    yesss. girls should step up


  6. Amahhh says:

    Lmao I can’t even lol
    u jx made made my night jare…
    D part dah got me real gud….”flowers part”…heckkkkk?
    Let’s leave dem flowers for d whites…its more their tradition dan ours….
    Valentine’s day should b a day to share (not jx to loved ones buh even those we do not know personally) without expecting anything in return tho….so if u get something in return it becomes a plus for u…
    Buh den kudos Emmy….u rock my world each time I com on here…thank uuuuu!!!!


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