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Hey fellas, its been a while since my last general post. Been a lil busy of late…hope everyone’s good?

So i’ve come up with a series of issues i’ll be sharing with y’all in the coming weeks. This like my previous posts are very relatable. So i’m looking forward to your amazing comments.


Now, i have a friend Dayo who i met in the University some years ago. Dayo and I became good friends because we were in the same class. Sometime during the school year, Dayo met this girl Tope.

Tope was also in our class, she was dark, slim and really good looking….yh i noticed her. I was thinking of the possibility of us together but i was taking my time on it.

I was shocked and a lil surprised when i saw my guy Dayo making moves on her. I doubted he could go far with it so i just decided to lay back and watch. Maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing i’ve done in my life because in a month they became official.

I was happy for him really not like i was too interested in her and he was my padi.

Dayo was real happy with Tope..they looked good together. Infact people looked to them as relationship goals. They had their own share of fights here and there but they kept moving.

A month turned to a year, to 3years and things we really heating up a bit. For some reason, Tope felt she could confide in me and while at first it was surprising, it felt cool. Obviously, i gave my guy heads up on issues that she complained about but maybe nothing really lasts forever cos they broke soon after.

If you thought she broke up with him…you are correct. In her defence she said he was taking her for granted. Forgot her birthday, failed to call her at times. Not like Dayo was a bad boyfriend or anything….i think he really liked her but i guess he didn’t really pay attention to her basic needs.

He was heartbroken and as my guy, i obviously took his side.

Now, the problem is that, because i was close to Tope and she could confide in me easily, we’ve gotten very close..and i’m sure you can guess the rest.

Yes, i like her…i’m Man enough to admit it, She likes me….Dayo is my padi……What should i do?

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or better put, if you were in my shoes what will you do…go ahead or?

Ladies, put yourself in My position, reverse the characters…can you date your friend’s Ex or Why can’t you?


  1. ifeoluwa says:

    NO! NO! NO! NO! as a lady, it’s an abomination, no dating your friend’s ex 😒😒😒😒


  2. yorcee says:

    Mehn, dahz rlly sumtin o. I can’t do such o, i’ll always feel guilty, it’d surely affect the good relationship I hav with my friend cos it’s not like it was my friend that broke up with the ex. It was d otha way round. Can’t do it.


  3. Simi Aroboto says:

    Lol well let’s blame cupid , he will not be have,as for me I Kent date my ex friend .It won’t be easy but u should throw back that feeling don’t catch it anymore .


  4. Chimamanda says:

    No need dating your friends ex, cos u guys will end up fighting about it, just look for someone else to fall in love with finish!


  5. Sumbody says:

    No…..Nw put urself in ur friends shoe,after breaking up with a girl nd u er nw seein ur friend with d same girl


  6. Nova says:

    personally I thinks it’s no biggie,.. I mean it’s not like you guys are babe’s or something. and I know you’re trying to avoid breaking the “guy code” but u could very well explain 2 ur friend, make him knw ur goin 4 his ex and he’ll be a whimp if he makes a fuzz out of it, if he doesn’t,…. bravo! but if he does den ur gonna have 2 make a decision btw wat you want and wat is honorable. u may wanna b honorable but It comes with its con and dats regret so ma advise is go 4 it,… he’ll soon get over it. only babe’s break up over this kinda ish no offence 2 d babe’s tho

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    • anon says:

      if u cud watch dem date n b cool with it. jus assume they are still dating n find sumone else. since it’s not ur friend who broke up with her, twud probably affect ur friendship….orrrr let him know den make ur decision lyk nova said


    • MEXYDOO says:

      Amongst all the comments. This is my favorite. Very real. thanks much!


  7. Sly says:

    Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong so far you are sure of your feelings. She isn’t in a relationship anymore. She just needs a little convincing…. It’s only natural for the guy to feel hard done by.


  8. JAE says:

    leave her alone o… pls.. even if u like her too much,go and like someone else!


  9. ada says:

    Rather not (I.e date your friends ex) .feelings are involved and brlng rise to unecessary goes without saying that pursuing a successful relationship is a challenge in itself, so you want to elimonate any potential complexity on the onset, especially if they can be this case refraining from dating the friend’s ex.
    There are exceptions, however I think it in general it should be avoided.


  10. Chimz says:

    I enjoyed this story. My first thoughts were ‘theres no big deal there now’. But I see a lot of sense in Ada’s perspective.


  11. Tope's boyfriend says:

    As the ex, dats really not cool. It’s totally against the bro code. A real niccur uldnt date the ex of his guy except his guy is cool with it. Mekzy I m not cool with it. Don’t even think about dating Tope. Damn I should have known.


  12. Seun A says:

    I don’t subscribe to that mehn. You can call it pride. But I call it dignity.


  13. anoni mus says:

    Well….cupid could be naughty sometimes and shoot his arrow then sit somewhere to laugh at u.
    If you really really really like ur friend’s ex, then go ahead, everybody will be alright finally.
    But ur friend will definitely become ur ex-friend cos the friendship really cant continue.
    Take time to make the best decision.


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