THE EX – Part 1

Posted: April 5, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Dele was a bright student who loved to learn and also loved to pass on the knowledge from whatever he had learned to others . He was also a very good looking young man, 24 years of age, 6ft 1 inch, broad shoulders, blue eyes and a body to die for. He was the best student in his class with a GP of 4.86, he was very humble and down to earth despite the fact that he came from a very wealthy family. His father is the renowned architect, Mr Tokunbo Thompson and his mother the managing director of Keystone Bank. So Dele basically had everything working for him.

Dele had a girlfriend, and she went  by the name of Tola Omotayo. She also came from a well to do home. Her father is a retired Air vice marshal in the  Nigerian Navy. Her mother, a socialite and the owner of the biggest boutique on the island. They met at the underground library one evening. When he saw her, he couldn’t concentrate anymore. His closest friend, Dolapo noticed and asked him wetin dey do you? Then Dele told him the prettiest girl he had ever seen was in the library. Show me abeg was the next thing Dolapo said. Then Dele codedly pointed towards the directon she was sitting. Tola was with her friends but it wasn’t hard for Dolapo to know which one of the girls Dele was talking about, her beauty was compelling. Ehn go meet am na! was the next thing Dolapo said….how na? Dele responded. Mumu! Oya sidon for there said Dolapo. When Dolapo got irritated by Dele’s morbid fear of approaching Tola, he got up, took his chair and went to meet Tola and her friends. He introduced himself and in a couple of minutes they all started giggling and chuckling. Dele was surprised and kept staring at them. When Tola noticed Dele, she asked Dolapo to invite his friend over to the table.

Dele got to the table and Dolapo introduced him to the girls. There was instant attraction between Dele and Tola, it was so obvious even her friends noticed it. They teased her about it when they got back to the room later that evening. You like Dele abi, asked Vivian….errrrr he’s a cool dude she replied. hmm! Cool dude, okay oooo…No mind am! Ashewo girl! She like am said Betty.Tola laughed and went under her duvet.
Meanwhile Dele was in his room singing love songs when Dolapo suddenly came in. Dele didn’t even notice someone came in. Dolapo gave him a slap at the back of his head. Guy! wetin dey do you??? You know even know when i enter, i just dey look you since, you dey do like ode. I’m in love!!! Dele replied. With who?? Asked Dolapo? With Tola!!! Said Dele. Mtcheew! Ode boy. So na wetin make you dey do like mumu for here since? Abeg gimme car key i dey go island, i get party for there this night. Island?? Make we go together na! said Dele. Ehn no lele replied Dolapo. Wait first! You collect Tola number? Yes i collect am said Dele. Oya call am maybe she and her friends go dey free so them fit follow us go the party. I no fit o! Person wey i just meet. Kai! Which kind rubbish friend i get? Gimme that phone! Dolapo dragged the phone from Dele’s hands, called Tola and her friends and they agreed to meet at Dele’s BQ. They all had fun that night at the party. Dolapo and Vivian sneaked out of the party and took a taxi to the hotel close to school while Dele drove the rest of the crew back to school. Dele and Tola stood in front of her hostel and They both admitted that it was a fun night. They hugged each other and she went back to her room. A couple of weeks later, they became official.

Dele and  Tola were an item!  They were loved by all and sundry. Tola was a very outgoing and friendly type of girl, her friendly nature more often than not got her into trouble a couple of times with Dele because she would always talk and make friends with boys which always got Dele very green. (jealous)

So it was the final week of final year in school for both Dele and Tola, they were both very happy and excited, infact the whole final year students were excited about leaving the school and starting a new chapter in their  various lives. There was a house party coming up for all final year students in the faculty of Business administration. Dele and Tola being students of Finance and Accounting respectively were more than qualified to attend.

The final paper was written and there came jubilation in the whole faculty, plus they had a  party to look forward to later in the evening.
The evening came and Dele and Tola as expected left for the party together…….it was a very lively and loud occasion. there was food, drinks, barbecue and condoms were even being distributed by the entrance(they were not necessarily promoting fornication but safe sex) …the girls in the party were the hottest girls in the school, not just the faculty, plus Dele’s kryptonite, Sophia was also present. They dated for 2 years before he met Tola. Sophia was a tall, light skinned girl, she had eyes to die for and her hips gave her that hour glass kinda shape. Rumour had it that they broke up because Dele suspected her of cheating. Sophia who had also moved on since then still had feelings for Dele. Dele himself still had feelings for her but he just wouldn’t admit it.

By the corner of the balcony, stood Sophia with a bottle of wine. She’d had too much to drink and decided to take a break and just feel the cool breeze coming from the ocean. Dele looked up and saw her, his heart pounded! He immediately wanted to be close to her so he looked around to see if Tola was anywhere close, he couldn’t see her, Tola was having fun with her girls on the dance floor. So Dele went up to the balcony to meet Sophia.

To be continued……

– Datblacboi

  1. Seun A says:

    Ghen Ghen!


  2. JAE says:

    ahhhh! when is the next part going to be posted??


  3. Chimamanda says:

    Hmmm.. …. We are waiting 😀


  4. Amahhh says:

    Guys tho #smh…
    Part 2 biko…


  5. anoni mus says:

    *inserts africa magic’s drama noise* do fas and drop part 2..although I have already reached a conclusion in my head


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