Connection, Degree or Talent?

Posted: April 9, 2015 in JoB MiRRor
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Image result for struggles of a graduateHello! my special readers. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who takes time out of their busy schedule to read my blog. I really really appreciate everyone and also for your amazing comments. I want you to know that people see these comments and you are indirectly making someone better, including me. We learn everyday.

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Connection, Degree or Talent? With an understanding that its through God we can succeed, i want us to look at these other three ways in which people strive to make it in our world.

You may argue that they are related but think very well and you may find out that they can stand independently.


Tunde 25 is from a family of four. The first child of Late Mr. Gbemi & Mrs. Folayemi Adebayo. His father passed away when he was writing WAEC. This really affected him but didn’t deter him from studying hard to gain admission into the University. Tunde studied Political Science. He was passionate about his course and even took it outside the classroom by campaigning to be the Students Union leader of the University which he achieved. Tunde then graduated with a Second Class upper (2:1). This was in 2012. One year in NYSC and till now he is still unemployed. Like everyone after school, Tunde has been hopping from one job interview but gets the same response “we will get back to you”. No one ever did.

I’m sure some certain readers can relate. One would have thought a bright student like Tunde would easily get a job but no. Looking for Job in this present day Nigeria is a job in itself. 

Who do we blame? What is the solution? Help Tunde


David is arguably the most popular guy on campus. You may be wondering what makes him so popular. Well, socialites are arguably the ones that seem to make more friends and gain the most attention. David, the last child of Commissioner for Sports Ben Daniels of Delta state attends Bowen University. You see, David was the social president for his school. He organized the biggest parties that brought famous artistes. He drove a Mercedes G-wagon…yh, he was a “yuppy” kinda guy. He was not the brightest student in the world as he was always distracted. The thing about him was that he had unique privileges. David was untouchable by his lecturers “grade terms”. Maybe because his father was one of their major sponsors. 

Well, enough of history. David, or should i say Mr. David is the co-founder of Nigezie, a foremost entertainment media house.

Can you relate? How did David get there? Do you know any “David”?


Last but definitely not the least is Susan Patrick. Susan was a student of University of Ibadan. She studied Chemical engineering but during her under-graduate years, she always tried as much as possible to lay her hands on as many acting roles as she could. From one school play to another, From acting as an extra on a set to getting minor roles in soap operas. 

It would be unfair to say Susan was not talented. She has graduated since 2010 and her passion for acting is still burning but has been accompanied with disappointment. Susan has no love for Chemical engineering and has no use for it in her Certificate. I think its too early to judge if she is making the right choice, so i wish her the best.


I am very sure we can all relate with all these. Which way are we heading individually and as a country? Which of the three are you? Which of the three is the popular one?



  1. Lol Emeka who still says ‘yuppy’?!


  2. Anyway, in this Lagos of today, amassing a bit of all three is the way to go yo. Study hard, socialize enough to have the right connections and develop your talents on the side. Last last, one of them will work for ya.


  3. Chimamanda says:

    You can hardly get a good job in this country if you don’t know someone that knows someone, only few people get a good job by merit. I think to have a degree is very important but talent is most important.


  4. I relate with Tunde. I was never popular and things didn’t come easy for me.


  5. Tay says:

    I think I’m more of Tunde…connection is more popular in Naija. Better to have the 3 tho.


  6. sahmuuerl says:

    Having the 3 is an advantage but in this present society having connections would really go along way cos when people who know people talk to people for you then your degree and talent would do the rest.


  7. Mo says:

    The best solution is to harness whatever talents and passions you have and and turn em into a money-making venture. Even if the job comes, ain nothing wrong with having a lucrative side hustle. Nigeria is too hard to depend on only one source of income.


  8. omolayo says:

    It’s true that the labour market in Nigeria is a rather hard place. But contrary to popular belief, I still believe that Excellent grades and qualification still count when job hunting today. Regarding Tunde, employers these days look for more than a 2.1, does Tunde have Volunteer or internship experience, has Tunde been networking (even amongst his peers. Did he attend seminars, workshops etc inorder to try and meet people?, is Tunde even willing to volunteer at any job now i.e work w/out pay just to get a foot into any organisation?) what is that thing (apart from a 2.1) that Tunde has that he can bring with him to any organisation that will set him apart from his peers. Times have changed, the employment market appears to be a harder place, but we the new crop have a duty to go harder!, go the extra mile. Excellence still Speaks!….. I have met 2.2 graduates (w/out connections) who are holding great offices in great organisations. They went the extra mile, and they were ready when opportunity knocked. That being said, i’m in no way denying that a lot of people still get jobs based on who they know. And others still get jobs based on Excellence, Diligence, going the extra mile and the God factor.


  9. yorcee says:

    Hmmnn, a Lil bit of the 3 is needed o. Hardly can u get anytin even with ur talent and degree without the ryt connection. Only few, by few, I mean very few, make their way without connection(s). Degree is really important, likewise Talent cos derez no enough jobs anywhere that can go round 4 evr1 and ur talent speak for itslf, yh, but who will knw abt u, if u dnt knw som1 to refer u to som otha som1?


  10. Miss Laiat says:

    Popularity seems to be losing its charm except in very high positions. With the advent of technology, people can market themselves more efficiently. It’s still largely a matter of who you know but now you can know more people. I can relate best with Susan…I cannot imagine doing something for which I have no passion- although this path can be unpredictable.
    Poor Tunde- employers (even consumers) are looking for talent and innovative thinking not just good marks.


  11. Connections can also mean networking which is a necessary thing to do because some jobs are through referrals. Employers like going through middle men whom they can hold accountable. So a little of the above plus having the necessary qualifications can go a long way.


  12. Chels says:

    I prefer connection


  13. buka says:

    na connection sure pass o


  14. ibukun says:

    tundes case is d most popular nd d most painful. in this naija of today connection is d way


  15. Nkiru says:

    Mine is a blend of the 1st two(degree and connection).In the Nigeria of today, possesing a degree or talent MIGHT not get u that dream job or even a befitting one.Datz Just d sad truth! Connection gives one that push and opportunity we all yearn for.However,it isn’t entirely impossible to get one without any form of connection but this represents just a minute percentage of what we generally see and hear. Sad sad sad!!!!!


  16. loquey says:

    Connection works for a lot of people however, i consider a degree to be the ultimate. This is because, degree not only means graduating from the university, but it also means being knowledgeable. It helps in comportment, orientation and methods of handling situations. In a nutshell, degree will always have its place and talents as well should be developed because it’ll be a plus being payed to do what you’re best at which is your talent.


  17. anoni mus says:

    From my experience so far, connection is a great determinant of the work u get, or the role u are given…
    Although that makes real talent get ignored sometimes, some companies still give jobs based on interview performance.
    A degree is rather irrelevant in my opinion.


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