The Ex – Part 2

Posted: April 13, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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When Dele got to the balcony, he walked up to her and asked how she was, she replied him with a tight hug. The hug lasted a couple of seconds before they both let go. Are you having fun asked Dele. Yes i am but I’ve had a lil too much to drink and you know me when i’m tipsy, i get very….you know. Dele smiled and said yes i understand. So who did you come with Dele asked, i came with my friends replied Sophia. What about you? I came with Tola he said. Oh! Okay….and where is she?  She’s having fun with her friends on the dance floor. And why aren’t you with her? Ain’t you supposed to be dancing with your girlfriend?

You might send tongues wagging if they see us together you know? Why are you saying all these? Aren’t you happy to see me? I don’t know replied Sophia. Why don’t you know Dele asked, because……because…..sighs. You remind me of us whenever i see u. Oh please Sophia! I thought we were over this issue???? Well it’s easy for you said Sophia. You left me heartbroken she said also.You cheated!!!  yelled Dele, I didn’t! Yelled back Sophia with tears running down her cheeks. Even though you hadn’t heard from me, you believed everything they said about me and Kamal but we were just friends and he kissed me just once. I tried my best to resist him but he just wouldnt let go so i just let him have his way so he could leave me. It lasted only a couple of seconds yet rumour went round that i was sleeping with him and you believed.
How do i know you’re telling the truth Dele asked, what’s the use replied Sophia. I don’t need you to believe me anymore because you already have a girlfriend. But you still have feelings for me said Dele. It doesn’t matter…..she tried to leave his presence but he held her back and said he was sorry for not believing her.
Tears rolled down her cheeks again and this time he hugged her tight. He perceived the scent of the perfume he bought her on her  last birthday before they broke up and asked….is that the Armani Code i bought for you? she raised her head from his chest, looked him in the eyes and nodded her head in approval. Dele had begun to get  aroused because he could barely get his hands off her body. Sophia had the softest body anyone could ever imagine…..She herself started to get turned on. Dele tried to look away as the thought of Tola crossed his mind but Sophia planted her lips on his and he could not in any way resist her.
The kiss sparked fire and in no time he grabbed her By the waist and lifted her while  she wrapped her legs round his waist.
Meanwhile Tola had started to look round for Dele and when she couldn’t find him, she called his number… rang and rang and rang.
Dele saw Tola’s incoming call and tried to answer the call but Sophia didn’t allow him. They had moved from the balcony to one of the rooms in the house. Still fully dressed, they continued kissing. Dele tried at every interval to stop but Sophia? his kryptonite? Naaaah. He had never perfected how to resist her.

When Tola got tired of trying his number, she started asking her friends if they knew his whereabouts. They all said they didn’t have an idea. Then Dolapo popped up from no where…..oh thank God! Where’s Dele she asked? I no know o! I think say i leave una two comot? Yes but he disappeared said Tola. Okay no worry, i go help you call am.

I’ve called but he’s not answering his phone she said. Oya play with your friends, i go find am for you, na inside this building him sha dey.
Meanwhile, Dolapo had seen Sophia and Dele from inside one of the rooms close to the balcony when he was with a girl he met at the party. He was covering up for Dele all the while.

Sophia meanwhile had begun to take off Dele’s clothes and it was getting more intense. He took off her blouse and unhooked her bra….and behold! The goddess….he lost complete control of himself at that point. He sunk his face in her bossom and started kissing her….Sophia moaning like nothing else grabbed his belt and took his jeans off.

Tola went back to her friends and continued dancing. She drank more and drank more and drank more until she was totally drunk. Some guy who had been dancing with her all the while noticed her and told her to stop. It was actually Kamal, but she only knew him by face, and not name plus they used to casually wave at themselves in school. Her friends had gone into different rooms with boys, playing truth or dare.
Come let me help you, she put her arms round him and he led her to one of the rooms upstairs. She laid there, asking in a soft tone…..where’s Dele? please call me Dele, i need Dele. I want to go home. Kamal lied to her that he had gone home and there was no way he was going to drive at night, being a bit tipsy himself. What about Dolapo she asked….they both went home together he replied. Tola was angry and asked why they would do such thing. Kamal got close and said don’t worry, I’m here for you….he kissed her on the lips and she kissed him back. (she was under the influence of alcohol).

As soon as Sophia took off his jeans, he pulled her pants and took out the condom in his bag. as he was about opening it, Dele jumped in! Guy! Wetin you dey do?? He quickly jumped out of bed and put his cloth back on. Tola don dey find you since! Where she dey?? Dele asked while buckling his belt. I leave am for bar with her friends….okay make we dey go. Dele left the room while Dolapo took a moment to stare at Sophia’s glorious body with only her pant and bra on…..oh boy! kai! i don fuck Dele up sha. See wetin him for dey chop assuming i no fall in. Sophia still shy, took the bed sheet and wrapped it around her body. Dele came back and dragged Dolapo by the collar. Idiot! You dey look woman. Let’s go!

Kamal and Tola continued kissing and this time he tried to dip his hands in her shirt but she refused time and time again until she succumbed to his pressure. She moaned gently and the kissing got more intense. He took off her clothes and unhooked her bra. Nibbled on her breasts and kissed her bellybutton. He hurriedly took his clothes off and got back to kissing her. After a while, he tried to take her panties off but she refused at every attempt. Suddenly the door was opened behind them and it was Dele and Dolapo. You again! He pointed at Kamal. He grabbed him by the neck and punched him severally before Dolapo held him back. Tola was perplexed. She just stood at the corner with her clothes on her chest shivering, yelling and crying. You!! Dele yelled, pointing at Tola this time. Get out of here and get inside the car. She hurriedly put her clothes back on and got in the car.

Dolapo took hold of the wheels because he  knew Dele for driving rough anytime he was angry. Guy abeg gimme key make i drive, i no fit left you come drive us inside lagoon because you dey vex, i neva wan die. Dele gladly threw the keys at him. There was dead silence in the car on their way back to school.

Days went by and Tola tried calling Dele several times but he bounced her call each time it came in. Tola then had to call upon Dolapo to help her beg his friend but she first explained to him what really happened that night. She told him to remember how drunk she was, and also told him how Kamal  pressured her into doing what she did because she was too drunk to have resisted him but she wouldn’t still allow him have sex with her. Dolapo being a veteran in such scenarios reasoned with her, because he could almost remember the number of times  he’d had sex with girls who were reluctant but gave in because they were too drunk.

So Dolapo took up the matter on behalf of Tola and explained to Dele what had happened that night.
You know that girl loves you and she wouldn’t do such if she wasn’t drunk, moreover you know how that stupid boy Kamal is……but Dele would have none of that. When Dolapo got tired of explaining, he approached the door and paused, then he turned and said to Dele, you know you have no right to be mad at her don’t you? How??? Asked Dele. If i hadn’t walked in on you and Sophia you would have well had sex with her so stop acting like you are the victim here. Then he walked out the door.
That statement was both humbling and soul rendering on Dele because he didn’t believe Dolapo would say such thing.
The next day Tola called and this time Dele picked up and they decided to talk about it. After hours of talking and compromising, they decided to get back together.

Their relationship never remained the same. Dele couldn’t live with the guilt of Tola not ever getting to know what transpired between him and Sophia that night plus he was plagued by the mental picture of Kamal  nibbling on his girlfriend’s boobs.
Tola on the other hand felt the relationship was heading for the rocks and she too couldn’t deal with the guilt of what happened between her and Kamal. So they both went their separate ways by mutual consent.

Tola travelled out of the country for her masters and got married to a Nigerian she met over there. Dolapo finished as the best graduating student (yes! surprising yeah?), got a job in an oil company, got married to Vivian and they have two beautiful children. Dele graduated tops of his class and finished with a first class also. He got a job in one of his father’s companies and lives in a 5 bedroom duplex on the island with Sophia and their 3 boys.

The end….

– DatBlacboi

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God Bless!

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