Posted: May 31, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Hello fam and Happy new Month to you all.

So no posts last Month (May), was a tad occupied, serving my fatherland (N.Y.S.C). Everyone has been asking me about my 3weeks experience in camp and so i’ve decided to have a post dedicated to that. Please Watch out for it.

The other night my mind just drifted across several issues…as usual Lol.

Many times we (youths) tend to think or worry about what the future has in store for us,

Where we will be in 5years, What we would have achieved and so on…atleast i do. I don’t think its bad to ponder on these things. But most times, when i’m lost in this ‘future’, something always takes me to the past. A question.

What if?

What if things don’t turn out right, What if i’m still single and my mates married, What if in the future i’m still running around with my CV without a job?

Now, the thing about this “What if?” is that more often than not, it comes up as result of past failures and disappointments. So ‘what if’ is synonymous with Doubt which results in uncertainty and fear.

But there is good news in the form of the popular 4 letter words that keeps the human race going. You guessed right, HOPE.

Hope, is the belief or expectation that something we wished for can or will happen. It is the rope we hang on to when everything is going south, the light at the end of the tunnel. The thing about Hope is we have no other choice than to have it, it is more of a reflex action.

A man who has committed several murderous acts still has hope that the judge rules in his favour, A student who spent the whole semester chilling and hanging out with friends and writes blank in exam hopes he does not fail the course, A girl who has been heartbroken severally hopes that one day she meets someone who loves her equally.

This and many more are the reasons why we still exist and it has obviously been working. Hope encourages us, it pushes us to visualize a better tomorrow. That never-say-never attitude that even in the darkest of times we know that where there is Life there is Hope.



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