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The world that i know is fast fading away. Things that i used to know as the usual or right way seems so strange now. I know there is a popular saying that sounds like this:  “Change is the only constant thing in life” but is it needed when things are going well?. I mean, if you’ve been having constant power supply all through your childhood, do you need change?

I’m not here to talk about electricity or any of that, atleast not today. You may end up disagreeing with me and that’s fine but let me say my mind.

The rate at which values or morals are dropping in this present dispensation is really disheartening. The right things which we grew up knowing now seems so alien to us. I’m not talking about telling lies or not going for lectures.

A university undergraduate is seen “puffing” weed, consuming excess of a drug (codeine), some using all kinds of narcotics. This now feels basic for the guys. Recently, i heard its a turn-on for a girl to be able to roll raps of weed.

Girls have ignored the home training hammered into them by their parents because once inside the hostel its a new life. Its ‘cool’ to sleep around, party all night and come back wasted. All these to one end = To be socially accepted.

Now, not to sound like your mum nor your pastor. I’m not a saint but lets “call a spade a spade”.

I conducted a poll on twitter some time back hash-tagged  #HonestyHour where i asked several questions which people answer “honestly”. I want to focus on some of the answers to certain questions.

97% replied that they would prefer not to marry a virgin. I would have sworn that while i was growing up, marrying a virgin was a good thing and to be looked forward to. Some gave their reasons. Such reasons being that he may be impotent or not able to ‘deliver/perform’ to expectation.

65% of girls replied that they wouldn’t necessary need to sleep with a guy before they decide whether or not to marry him.

Thirdly,99% said they won’t sleep with the guy on the first date. Consolation

This baffles me to be honest. You ask a girl why she lost her virginity in the first place and she says “Curiosity”:.


Just because everybody is doing it never makes it right. Though its getting harder to stand on this as it is no longer a popular opinion. Surprisingly, If you check it, you would know that 60% of the time, female pressure comes from within her female friends.

A girl can’t stand her ground for so long because all her friends are doing it. So she’s looked down upon in discussions and social gatherings as a ‘small girl’. And because we know ladies love attention and need to stay ‘relevant’ and attractive,she goes all out to satisfy her curiosity.

There’s no need for me to talk about the crazy dressings where its less clothes and more skin = ‘Beauty’

The remaining 40% is from the guys. Pushing till she gives in. This one is common.

The ‘world’ is so upside down that good or right seems so wrong and stupid.

Who do we blame?


Maybe i’m wrong…Maybe its all just in my head.


  1. datblacboi says:

    Like your topic clearly states, society is to blame for all these. There’s so much moral decadence, we live life like we own our lives, forgetting it’s owned by God. We live as if we created ourselves. We now use societal standards to judge whatever we do, forgetting that God’s standard is what will prevail at the end of the day. Society has affected our thoughts pattern so much negatively that we conform with society instead of standing out by saying no to what the society tries to impose on us.
    By the time we start reaping the consequences of letting society influence our behaviour and judgements, when the fire starts burning us, society won’t be there to help. May God help us all. Nice write up. Kindly take time out to visit my blog too. I hope you find some of my stories and write ups funny, interesting and inspiring.


  2. Chima says:

    Very interesting thoughts Mexy and very true


  3. Chimamanda says:

    I Blame the individuals cos the individuals make up the society, you make your own decisions, lossing virginity, how you dress, what you take are all personal choices, personally I wouldn’t do things bcos everyother people are doing them, I’d do them cos I want/need to. So I don’t blame the society I blame the person making the choices


  4. Fehinto says:

    Nothing leads itself. Social patterns are initiated and evolved by a force- evil by nature and intent. And it’s not really about one person or a group of people. There is a bigger picture. Which is why moral degradation happens in degrees. One step backwards you take today is the first step to someone else being totally confused a few years down the line. If we consider it properly, it is obvious that morality does not exist apart from God. We never came up with good standards. We borrowed them and, over time, try to use them without acknowledging the Owner.


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