Posted: July 3, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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I knew him or should i say them. it was almost too good. A relationship goal. Picture perfect.

They had more than love, they seemed to understand it took more than that to stay together. This for me was the difference and what people failed to understand. That there are stages to this – that is, a great relationship.

He once told me, “Fred, there are levels to it. At first, its admiration then a crush, You Like, Then feelings come up, You in love now”. I remember laughing so hard at this. He was sounding like an old man, i mean, who goes through all these?

He replied, ‘You will find out later” as he shook his head.

They had seen past the love phase which is basically the ‘mushy’ part at the beginning of most relationships. That is more often the part that is ‘sweetest’ and were most relationships break off.

They were at the Choice phase. The decision to stick to it no matter what. Trust me, it isn’t the easiest thing, he always told me.

Oliver and Nicole had been dating for 5 years when he finally popped the question. We were all so happy for them but i was happier because i was chosen to be the bestman.

Image result for black marriage proposal

LOL! it was going to be my first and only realistic chance at it.

Now, not to paint an all too perfect picture of these couples because they had serious fights too but the maturity of Oliver was really impressive.

They were both graduates of Engineering. Oliver from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka studied Electrical Engineering while Nicole was a graduate of University of Lagos. As fate would have it, they both served (N.Y.S.C) together in Ekiti (South West, Nigeria) and are employed in Shell Nigeria….or we will find out soon.

I had never seen fate align destinies as this before. Maybe it was God

They had Two girls. Vacations here and there. Life was all rosy then Nicole decided she wanted to go for her Masters in the United Kingdom. The agreement was that she went with the kids while Oliver stayed home (Nigeria) but visits once on leave.

Nicole was gone for 9 months when it happened. The devaluation of the Naira, Nigeria’s revenue dipped as Oil sales dropped. The Petroleum sector was in crisis.

Oliver was relieved of his job. Given full compensation but his world was falling apart. His high expenses, His family depending on him because he was at this time the sole provider. He tried to fight through tears, pain, disappointment to be a man in this time. Wasn’t easy.

His wife returned a month later but he could not still get a job through his many secret applications. He was afraid of confrontation. He could not afford to look like a failure or admit it.

Oliver still goes out every morning as if to work but……..

He is afraid of telling his wife.


  1. anney says:

    if he truly loves her, he won’t hide such a crucial tin from her. he should just confess or tins might spoil if she find out herself


  2. enkay says:

    Nice piece…pls tell me derz a part2 to dis story..nd u shld note some errors


  3. lanski says:

    So, here’s the thing… there’s nothing bad about him telling his wife what happened.. they’ll just plan well for the future.


  4. gloria says:

    They are married for crying out loud ,was it his fault he lost his job? Marriage is for better for worse .or may b he married a fair weather wife which isn’t a d
    good thing if u ask me if not he she should b d first to know so they can plan


  5. Ada.O says:

    nice, unpredictable ending.
    Tell the wife.


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