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“Good day sirs, have you had time to go through the menu or decided what you would”…..”Water will be fine”, interrupted Oliver. “I will have the chef’s special thanks”. The waiter walking away rather confused. I knew something was wrong, something he was not telling me and i was intent on getting to the bottom of it.

Oliver has been my one of my closest friends, he was like a brother to me but since i was relocated to Port Harcourt (Job reasons) we haven’t kept in touch as much as we would have loved. But he called me, said it was important and i remember the tone in his voice. I could smell trouble.

So Oliver, “Wassup, How work na..all una Oil company big boys?”…all i got back was a shake of the head. Oliver was not his normal chatty self today, always looking down, hardly saying anything. I could sense something was wrong but i was just praying it wasn’t what i was thinking. I was terrified to ask but i just had to…”Hope all is well with the family?”, At this point he replied “Yeah, of course” I was very relieved.

“Talk to me man, you have hardly said anything for the past fifteen minutes. I am your brother, we have been through worse situations”. He could not take it anymore, shaking his head very pitifully as he narrated his whole dilemma to me……………. “I am tired Fred, I am tired”. I could see his frustrations. One thing that stood distinct or let me say that hit me in all of these was that my ‘strong’ friend was actually human-he too felt down and could admit he had problems he couldn’t solve alone.

“So Nicole has no clue, why?”

“I know how hard this is but you have to tell her, she is your wife. Its bad enough that this has been two months. What if she finds out on her own? This could lead to more problems, Oliver”

“Focus on the problem and give me a solution!!”…he snapped. He was getting angry, i could see now was not the time for blame games. He was not interested in hearing what he already knew.

“Can you get me a job or not?, Look, the plan is simple, get a new job, say i got a better offer. I can’t take her constant nagging, sarcasm, or her annoying ways of getting solution. For all i know, her next step would be to go to her Father for help. I can’t go through that now. She is better off in the dark, atleast for now”.

“Hmmm…man! This is a messed up situation”, i replied, mentally trying to get my head wrapped round this new found problem. “I will see what i can do bro, You are my man”.

“Why is he overreacting and getting unnecessarily worked up?”, Lately he talked less even when the kids tried to play with him. What pissed Nicole off the most was his latest absent mindedness. Oliver was not like this.

Last week at Nicole’s Father, Sen. Ben Briggs 75th birthday celebration, Oliver was so lost in his thought that he didn’t hear when he asked him what he thought on the problems of the Oil sector. It was embarrassing.

Nicole argued with him in the car till they got home, she was upset but he was having none of it “….Nicole, see i don’t need this now, i’m tired! So, i didn’t hear him, Do you think i did that on purpose?”

But in all of this, Oliver kept things under wraps. He kept going ‘to work’ every morning.

It was the fifth month of the saga but there was light shining at the end of the tunnel for Oliver as I got him to have an advanced job interview in ASCON Oil Company.

I would always remember how he hugged me and shouted my name while singing my praises. His life was finally making sense again. He just had to go through one final phase.

The Shell regional convention was here. Nicole was going to represent her zone and she knew he always represented his.

“Your office called, they said your arrangements for the convention was ready”, she said as Oliver walked in from his routine Saturday jogging.

Oliver froze. He tried to talk but nothing came out. He didn’t know what to say or which question to ask.

She stood staring at him, tears rolling down her cheeks.

She knew, but How?


  1. Anjola Wilson says:

    Beautiful. I can’t wait for the book lauch.


  2. mademoisellemuneerah says:

    Really nice. A cliff hanger.


  3. gloria says:

    Good ooh! Really captivating, can’t wait to read d rest.waoo! Some one read my mind this must b a book


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