Posted: July 10, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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“Heeey, who do we have here if not the sexy Nicole?”….Nicole in her attempt to turn and find out who had called her, hit some packs of cereal to the ground. “Err..sorry about that”..apologizing to the shop attendant. “Heyyy, Ronke! ahan, longest time, where have you bee….” “ehn ehn! don’t start”, Ronke interrupted raising her hand, “Is it not you that forgot about us, ever since you got transferred to another branch..go jor”. Nicole was trying to control her laughter, she was happy to see her close friend and former colleague.

Ronke was a colleague of both Oliver and Nicole till the latter got transferred.

Ronke was a very jovial person and she was one of those people Nicole could count on. They had some great times when they were together.

“By the way, what are you doing here and why buy so much wine, is there a party?” asked Ronke. “Yesso, my Dad is celebrating his 75th Birthday on Saturday, you should come please, and lets go somewhere and talk its been forever”. Ronke was skeptical at first but she agreed.

“So when did you come back from the United Kingdom Mrs. Masters Degree holder?” Nicole tried replying her despite finding it hard to control her laughter.

Ronke was trying to avoid asking the question  but she was curious, “You still seem very happy despite everything that happened”

“Everything? What happened? … What was she talking about?”


“Nicole, its not like that”..Oliver knew the cat was out of the bag, He was smart enough to realize its a lost battle and lying would only make it worse.

He remembered seeing Ronke at the party but Nicole didn’t give him a clue that she knew anything. She had simply played along, probably waiting for him to open up.

Deep down, a thought arose, “is this why they were perfect?, she was just like him. She kept it to herself…a Fake smile but for how long?

Nicole was shaking and crying profusely now, not just because of the fact that he lost his job or that he was keeping such a thing from her but that her husband went to such lengths to keep the “happiness’ and stability in the family.

He kept on going out everyday just to prove he was the man of the home. She imagined the pain and pressure he must have been going through.

And she loved him more…She hugged him with her tears all over him.

It would be alright.


  1. Fehinto says:

    I like how she put herself in his shoes even though she was upset. Being truthful as well as considerate are key ingredients for long-lasting relationships.


  2. gloria says:

    Makes sense that’s good. A lot for married people to learn


  3. Very well-written. Was hooked from the start!


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