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Dude! What up? you home?

Yeah sure….you dey show?

Yes. I dey come

OK na…

Door bell rings….

How far na…wetin dey happen?

Guy i dey, I’m freaking hungry.

Food no dey house?

At all mehn…There’s no cooked food and Rose is not back from the market.

Rose? Who’s that?

The new househelp….

Oh! Una don get house girl….you never told me na

Uhn uhn! You for say make i dey share fliers for the whole estate say we don hire house help. Ode boy

Lol! Mumu you no get sense….na u sabi


There’s a knock on the gate….


Mike abeg help me check who dey gate.

Mike walks to the gate and meets a light skinned beauty with long hair and body like a goddess.

Hello, who are you looking for? Mike asked

I should be the person asking you that question….who are you? Rose said

Relax naaaa…we no dey fight, i only asked because I’ve never seen your face before around this neighbourhood

Well, neither have i, the lady replied, walked in, and shut the gate behind her.

As she walked away, Mike put his hands on his head with his jaws wide open….oh my…

He saw the back view of the lady and kept staring like someone in a trance.

As she walked into the living room, she said hi to Jeff and walked right into the kitchen

Guy!!! Who be that?? Mike asked Jeff

That’s the househelp na…

Ehn! House???? This one na househelp?? Aaaaaah!

What is it? Why are you behaving like you’ve just seen a ghost? Mike said to Jeff. Well, she’s not a househelp per say, she’s a per time student of Lasu and she works at my mum’s spa. Mum sends her home every Friday because of her busy schedule so she can help with the house chores and earn extra income to pay her tuition fees.

Hmmmm…house chores, Jeff nodded and rubbed his chin.

No wondeeeeeer!! Mike exclaimed

No wonder what Jeff asked

Wait….when was she employed?

Just over a month ago. Why do you ask…

Mike remembered how he’d always be told that Jeff had gone home on every friday that he went to check on him in his hostel in the month that just went by.

Everything started making sense….

So this is the reason you’re always coming home on fridays abi? And when i asked you, you said it was because you want to start spending more time at home. Hahaha! You be oloshi! I swear! You way no like to dey come house, you wey no dey come house till semester end. Ehn ehn! Me sef talk am na! Why’s this boy always going home on fridays. hehe! I don catch you today.

What are you saying? Jeff replied. This one no get sense sef. So you’re saying I’m giving her chukukuku? You no get sense. How i go dey chuks this kind girl?? Nawa for you o!

Ah ah! I talk anything? I no talk say you dey chuks am na. Me i just dey say i don know why you dey come house every friday. Loool! Chai!!!

Abeg get out! Jeff said.

Rose….when will you be done cooking? Jeff asked.

Very soon she said…make it snappy please. I’m starving.

Cook for two o! I’m hungry too…Mike said

You dey mad! Na your house girl?

Ahn Ahn! I no fit chop for your house again? Oya wait make i enter kitchen go beg am.

No need Jeff said, she don hear…Rose please make food for me and my friend.

Okay no problem, she replied



The next Friday, Jeff checked Mike in his hostel and to his surprise, found him there.

Ahn ahn…guy…you no go house today?

No…i don’t feel like

You sure? Jeff gave him a funny look…abi Rose no come house today….lool

Smh….i no get your time. Are you going to the pitch or not?

Of course i am. Why do you think i came to look for you…get up and get dressed.

Jeff was already devising a plan on how to give Rose chuks.



One Saturday Mike came by the house and deliberately left his phone while he was leaving. A couple of minutes passed and Jeff saw the phone on the dinning. No be this werey phone be this?….when he won’t concentrate. How would he not forget. Na woman e go dey look. Foolish boy…..just as he was talking, the phone rang….


Guy! Why you leave your phone for my house. Come carry am o.

Naaah! I’m too tired mehn. I can’t leave the house again and i need to use a document i saved on that phone right now. Please bring it over na…

Mike knew Jeff too well. He won’t step out of the house. Jeff’s house was 200 metres away from his and he definitely would not walk all the way just to deliver a phone.

Bring what? Guy i can’t o! I’m tired jor…

Ehn isn’t there anyone around? Anyone you can send? Mike asked

No one o! Jeff replied

What of Rose? Ask her to help na. She sha dey house with you.

Rose? Jeff asked

Ehn Rose…wetin happen? Can’t you ask her to help you out?

Jeff bit his fingers knowing how smart Mike was, he immediately knew that this was a deliberate plan but because he didn’t want Mike to think he had anything to do with Rose, he reluctantly agreed to send her to his house.

Okay i don hear…

Alright no p! Mike dropped the phone and went straight to his room to tidy up the bed and get a quick shower…


As Rose was about leaving the house, she told Jeff that she wouldn’t be back soon because she would stop by at a close friend’s place.

Okay but make sure you don’t stay outside too long….

Aii…i’ll see you later she said


Rose knocked on the door and she saw Mike. Jeff said i should give your phone back to you. You forgot it in the house.

Oh! Sighs…can you imagine…how didn’t i notice sef. Thanks very much

Do you care for a drink?

They looked at each other for a moment with apparent lust in their eyes.

Mike was a tall, dark skinned and good looking young man.

Rose agreed and got in.

Mike offered her a drink and sat down. After a while, he left his seat and sat close to her.

While talking, he kissed her on the neck and he could see her pupils dilating….

Before he uttered another word, she dropped the glass of wine and pushed him on the couch…she kissed him deeply






  1. L says:

    Interesting plot. But I got lost toward the end. More ink to your pen or maybe more data to your device. . lol. Overall, I enjoyed reading it!


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