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Mike got up, lifted her and placed her on his laps…he grabbed her by the waist and put his head on her bossom before he lifted his head and kissed her on her lips…

She teased him more by taking her cloth off….as he was about going further…she got up, picked her cloth and left…she winked at him before she closed the door behind her.

Mike couldn’t believe she didn’t let him give her chuks…

This girl baaaad! He said to himself…

He got his way later. Jeff fell sick, had malaria which was really bad and left him hospitalised. Mike capitalised on Jeffs sickness one day claiming to be bringing some more clothes for his friends when made sure Rose was all alone.

He would never forget that day, he smiled as he left the house feeling like a winner of a relay race


Now,  Jeff’s father Chief Bolaji Martins was in the running to become the Governor of the state and this was the closest he has gotten as he has been vying for the post for three years now. He was a wealthy man from a royal family so being in power has always been in his blood.

“Hunny, the pressure is getting too much, I have to choose this week or else someone who be forced on me and I do not want that”. “Baba segun (jeffs Yoruba name), sha take it easy, getting worked up wouldn’t solve anything, his wife replied”. Chief Mrs. Remi Martins was a young lady in her Thirties and was from a humble background but very well read.

They were very good friends with the Bankoles (Mike’s family) and sometimes business partners, infact Mrs. Remi and Linda Bankole attended the same secondary school and University although different courses. They lived within the same estate since their marriage. Mr. Bankole is the sole importer and exporter of Mercedes Benz in Nigeria and the Vice President of Banks transport.

“….Really? that’s huge sir, I will think about it. She will hear, How is the family? Ok, that’s good

Thank you sir. You too. I really look forward to it”

Later at home

Wow! Linda was bouncing all around the house, she couldn’t contain her happiness. She was going to be the wife of the Deputy Governor. “Deputy President, haayy”

“Baby calm down, we have not even won yet” Mr. Bankole laughed as he tried to calm his wife.

One Friday morning, Mike saw Jeff in school and asked if him if he would go home that day. Jeff said he wasn’t going home because he had to read for a test they were having on Saturday.

Mike couldn’t leave school on Fridays because he always had practical’s till 6pm. But this Friday was different, they had been told earlier that the practical’s won’t hold because the lab equipments were being replaced.

So Mike was excited and thought this was his chance to get down with Rose.

Mike got home in the afternoon when Rose would have been around and knocked on the door.

To his utter amazement, Jeff opened the door.

What are you doing here?? Aren’t you supposed to be having practicals??

Well the practical’s were cancelled. You sef! Wetin you dey do for house? Don’t you have a test for 8am tomorrow??

Ehn the test was cancelled! The lecturer said he doesn’t want anyone to miss the test. Hmmm…

What is hmmm?

Was it not in your presence that i was reading the textbook for the course?

Okay…i don hear…who’s home with you?

Nobody….why are you asking?

I’m just asking na…


Let’s go upstairs…i want to play Fifa…

No o! My AC is not working, it’ll be too hot

Ehn we’ll open the windows na….

No se! Everywhere is hot…

I know that girl is in the room upstairs with you. You’re hiding her…you don’t want me to know.

What is this one talking about? Jeff asked.

Okay na…let me go there if you’re sure you’re not hiding her, Mike replied.

Fine! Jeff was about to confess when they both saw the door open






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