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Mandy Rachael Designs which was launched in November last year is a socially responsible ethical fashion brand in Nigeria, founded by Miss Mandy Okhueleigbe. We have a simple policy of simply donating a certain percentage of our profits, precisely 50% into the education of children in need in Africa. The fashion brand started as a fund raising platform towards a campaign program for street children hawkers (street to class campaign) to be able to go to school, when sourcing for funds and donors became a problem.

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In the words of our founder and chief bag maker, Miss Mandy Okhueleigbe, who is also the originator of the street to class campaign “after months of searching for donors to assist the street to class campaign project, I looked inwards and realized that the solution to the problem at hand lies in entrepreneurship, I have being a social worker all my life, most of the money I spend doing social good was gotten from personal savings, if people find it comfortable to exchange something with you in return for money, and you still use that same money to develop your community, why not inform them about it and turn it into a business, at that instant I found the solution to our fund raising problems and realized that the solution lies within entrepreneurship”

In Africa there are over 75 million out of school children with Nigeria contributing the most to that figure at over 30 million out of school children, majority of whom roam about the streets, hawking or involved in one form of social vice or the other without even thinking about education and the negative effects it would have later in future because still as it is education is seen as a luxury by majority of them, even though the government provides free education, there are still a lot of things that makes education expensive to them, like getting school uniforms, writing materials, school sandals, transportation, feeding, etc. The level of poverty in the land is alarming that parents can’t afford to get this basic things for their children to go to school, the children would rather stay back at home and play or go about hawking on the streets rather than go to school and feel inferior to their mates because they do not have the basic things needed to come to school. Even the teachers do not make it easy with constant send offs and turns offs from them because they look different from other students, these are part of the things we discovered discourages students from going to school and make it look like the government is not working.

At Mandy Rachael Designs we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that this changes and children are encouraged to study so as to ensure a secured future for Africa. That is why this April we have decided to embark upon our first large giving project since we started in November last year, to provide free education support to 1000 children roaming the streets of Lagos. This is our way of building a better and safer Nigeria. Train these children to be nation builders in the future rather than menace that the government would be fighting to curb.

We have quite a number of lovely bags, shoes, belts and all forms of leather goods for sale, they are of export quality and proudly made in Nigeria. You would be helping us by buying one of our products as these would help us to reach even more children on the streets, and most

importantly please rock our products, aside from the fact that they are proudly made in Nigeria ( you would be shocked when you see them ) they help to build up a better nation and continent.

Mandy Rachael Designs is on Instagram (@mandyrachael), facebook ( , and twitter (@mandy_rachael) you can also catch up on us through our website at read up the story that binds us and keeps us, be a part of our giving experience and order our lovely pieces that helps shape up the future.





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