Posted: March 16, 2016 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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….Rose walked in, waved at both of them with a smile on her face and sat on the couch to watch TV.

Jeff was surprised….and then asked Mike…”do you still want to check up stairs?”

Mike declined….

No o! We must go…let’s play Fifa. I go flog you today.

When they both got in the room, it was as cold as a freezer.

I thought you said the AC wasn’t working??

Ehn me too I’m surprised…na so the thing dey do…it comes on and off.

Unknown to them, Rose heard when they both were talking at the door when Jeff arrived earlier. She quietly came downstairs, entered the kitchen and passed through the back door. She waited a couple of minutes for them before she came back in, making it look like she was coming from outside the compound.

Jeff and Mike had been warned to be of good behavior as the elections were now very close and each family were been monitored as the slightest issue could be seen as a tool for the oppositions.

That was when it happened.

Rose was behaving strange.  She was serving the party members who were holding a meeting in the house when she collapsed. She was pregnant.

Mrs. Remi was confused, furious. This was not the right time to be dealing with petty issues. Rose was not married so this was a little complicated and she had to get to the end of the matter.

Jeff was panicking, he was not expecting this, he thought he was really careful….but was he the only one? Michael too must have a hand in this. He had seen them together more than once looking too comfortable.

Rose was facing being sacked, she did not want that, losing it all and keeping quiet would only put her at a disadvantage. She had to talk. She had been used enough. Not like she really cared about them, she was not a fan of Mrs. Remi especially.

“Its Chief ma”, she said crying uncontrollably. The whole house was thrown into shock and utter disbelief. She just made this accusation in front of both families having dinner.

“Are you mad? Which Chief?” Mrs. Remi was furious as she put down her cutleries and pulled back her chair from the dinning.

Now facing Chief Balogun, her ‘loving’ husband and Gubernatorial aspirant. He was oddly quiet and didn’t even raise his head. He was guilty, his attempts to bribe Rose had failed.

Mrs.  Bankole tried to calm her friend, Mrs. Remi down but she kept talking, she was in tears. Everything was happening too fast.

Jeff and Michael sat in awkward silence. They knew they had a hand in this but were a little bit relieved it was neither of them.

The election was a couple of months away and they were facing a huge problem. If this was not handled properly it could be a tool for the opposition as the media will eat away any hopes of winning.


Mrs Remi could not forgive her husband so she filed for a divorce in a lowkey fashion but still stuck with him through the election. Chief. Balogun won the Governorship election but he knew his family was defeated. The press will find out sooner or later but for the next four years he will make the best use of it.

As for Jeff and Michael they will learn to keep their mouths shut.



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