will you marry me?

Posted: May 7, 2016 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Marriage is a thing of joy, pride and sometimes an achievement. Depending on what societal background you come from. In Africa, particularly West Africa, it is almost seen as mandatory for everyone when they reach a particular stage in life or attain a certain level.

The more glamorous event is the wedding day. This is the center of it all. Here everyone, friends, family, enemies and the likes all come to ‘celebrate’ with you. Each with their own secret agendas like Taking dope pictures for instagram, eating jollof rice and dodo, showing off their fashion style, catching bouquets and all.

Image result for nigerian weddings              Image result for nigerian weddings

all these things are not exactly bad and i am in no place to judge because i might be a victim, i said might lol.

Now to the story of the day, a true life story of events we neglect or do not pay attention to. I was there so i will narrate and summarize.

I had this friend Derrick, well i still do, he is still alive for now. Anyways, we met in Youth Service camp and really got close. We got deployed to the same local government in Ogun state. Derrick was from Bayelsa State and approaching his late twenties but from a really well to do family that were politically inclined. Derrick had a girlfriend, Sarah whom he loved so much. He always talked about her and was on the phone with her very regularly. Sarah was in her early/mid twenties and was rounding up her study in College of medicine where she was striving to become a lab scientist.

Well after the whole NYSC ish, Derrick started working and things were getting serious in his life. It was his birthday, june 4th and he had plans to seal this deal with Sarah. He depended on me to make this a success and invite only a few friends. Meanwhile Sarah unknowingly was doing the exact opposite. She invited more people and wanted to give him a surprise birthday bash and needed my help in pulling it off too.

Long story short, the day was not short of surprises. When Derrick walked into the dark room only to be startled by screams from all corners of the room. I would not forget the stare he gave me. He was going to propose and was scared of the presence of too many eyes plus the slight feeling of fear she might not say yes.

Click of glass by me, the Dj was signaled to stop abruptly which made everyone curious and the time was here. Derrick put up a bold face and proposed, “Sarah Oloye, will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?”

She stared at him in shock, tears rolling down her cheeks……..







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