will you marry me? …Part 2

Posted: May 11, 2016 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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…..Sarah had a quick flash back to how she had met him in one of her roommate’s birthday parties. He was everywhere that day, lighting up the whole gathering. She could not take her eyes of him and finally he saw her peeping with her side eye. They got talking and everything worked out perfectly..but there was one small issue.

“Yes!” she sobbed, almost no one heard. she had taken 2 whole minutes to reply and that was like 2 hours to we the expectant listeners and watchers and probably two years to Derrick who was still on his knees.

“Yes, i will marry you Derrick”, the whole room erupted into shouts and screams of celebrations.

Anyways, that was how the proposal went but the “issue” on Sarah’s mind came to fore a few days later when her dad came home from his Travels to find out she was engaged. Mr Oloye was not a fan of Derrick as he always treated him with little or no respect.

“No way! You will not get married to that boy period”, he was having none of it and sadly not giving any reason why. You can guess how frustrated and sad Sarah must have been

Sources say that Mr Oloye once had a clash with Derricks father some years back and he has not let it go.


This is something we tend to overlook these days, considering the high rate of engagements and proposals.

I have two questions, do guys get the permission of the girl’s parents before proposing or they just overlook it and follow their hearts?

Do girls also get the green light from their parents before saying ‘yes’ or they just shock them with a ring one day? and ladies what happens if your dad/mum says you can not marry a certain ‘love of your life’ who just proposed?




  1. dizzyangel says:

    Right question asked. Lol, well for me I have to seek my parents consent first in the sense that they know who am dating and accept him also before he can then go ahead with his surprise proposal.


  2. Before the proposal, while we are dating .. My parents will meet him and I will meet them.. So no one will be surprised when it happens..everyone will sort out their issues then


  3. adadaraja says:

    first off , nice one cuz!!! your biggest fan out here!!! Pleasantly surprised by the post …. Now,having said that , allow me to echo my mother’s words on this matter (cos I think she captureS it just right)
    ‘”… By all means, get advice , ask for opinions and (blessings) from your parents and people you look up to, but in the end remember that when all is said and done you arethe one who has to choose and you are the one who will be in the relationship….”
    Nuff said!! haha


  4. Atinuke says:

    At a time, the girls parents will meet you, and from them you know whether or not that like you. There’s always a reason for them not liking you so if the reason is good enough then you leave the girl and if not good enough you stay and make them like you. Before proposing and wasting your money for ring. That’s what I think.


  5. sahmuuerl says:

    First up, you should have met the parents of whom you’re dating and from there the “approval” begins. Then again it is respectful for you to seek the consent of the girl’s father also before proposal. I know of someone who did and apart from his wife loving him more for it, his father-in-law now holds the guy in very high regards.


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