Posted: August 18, 2016 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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I’m about to rant and I am not sorry. *adjusts mic*.

Have you ever wanted something so badly or been very expectant, could be something tangible like a car, house, a certificate for a degree, a new baby or maybe something intangible but very valuable like a promotion, a job etc ? That you have done everything  you conceived morally and even spiritually possible to be ready to receive it but it does not come?

I realized one of the most difficult things to do is being told to do nothing but wait especially when you are expectant. Your body is itching to act, try something different but you’re told to be “patient”.

Patience as a word looks like an easy term like sleep, play but it is very deep in meaning. It means “wait, calm, do nothing” when you can possibly do something. It is probably the best advice at that time but only when you can see the bigger picture.

You go online or meet friends and everyone is very optimistic or testifying about something 2016 has brought to them and you just can’t relate. It seems your own case is totally different. Like you are living in an alternate 2016 universe where everything isn’t that great… not terrible but also not exceptional -yet.

Sometimes life can be so tough, you keep losing at everything. Nothing seems to work, you’re frustrated and angry at everything even God. You make small progress, hanging onto a strand of hope that it will get better but it doesn’t yet. Frustrated more and super tired of it all and at God because he is not ‘visible’ in this time but honestly, fighting God is tiring. It is like punching the air, you get tired, more angry and your situation isn’t changing.

You are losing in life and losing the battle with God. Funny enough, we are fighting (God) the  only chance we have to win. So you sit there, like a spoilt kid..tired. But it is amazing how God still never gets tired of us or even gets angry. He understands our frustration.

I realized its ok to be angry but whether it seems God is nowhere to be found, he remains the only solution to all our problems and we can only hope it gets better.

So instead of fighting with him, lets fight with (that is, together) him.












  1. This is so true. The only hope sometimes lies with God.


  2. Jennifer says:

    😊 I needed this


  3. Bukunolami says:

    And it will definitely get better.


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