Lemon Friday!!

Posted: October 4, 2016 in JoB MiRRor, WELCOME
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Hey everyone, I know you are probably wondering what I am up to now and what “Lemon Friday” means LOL!

Okay, this is really huge and I don’t want anyone to be left out. Now, with the high rate of inflation and exchange rate there are actually very few things you can invest in and make profit but I have great news.


You might say “err..pfftt who has money or what can land do?” but I tell you that land is the most efficient source of investment. Never diminishes, loses value or goes bad/extinct. its the best form of investment trust me.

It gets better.

ADRON Homes and properties are the fastest growing and most reliable Real Estate Company in Nigeria. You think I am joking, ask around. There are a wide range of Lands and properties on sale right now and amazingly everyone can afford it. The prices are very flexible with the most crazy payment plans you could ever get.

Imagine paying for a plot of land from N500. …..Let that sink in

You could pay at your convenience while smiling at your new found fortune knowing that land bought today at 500,000 could be sold no less than 1,000,000 in less than a year.

Meaning you could be a Millionaire.


ADRON Homes and Properties are right now having this massive promo called “LEMON FRIDAY” which means that ALL Houses and Properties have a 15% discount from now to December.

Simple English, a Plot of land that is 1,000,000 now goes for 850,000. All you have to do is to pay atleast a 200,000 down payment for any  Land and spread the remaining balance till the end of the year.

Amazing right???  IT GETS EVEN BETTER

After paying the 200,000 stipulated or compulsory initial payment you are entitled to 1) A Bag of Rice 2) A Live Turkey 3) A gift Hamper full of goodies

There is no catch, no hidden rule or raffle draw…its just ADRON Homes staying true to you.

Tell a Friend to tell a Friend.


For any info or enquiry; mexydoodiary@yahoo.com











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