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I was raised with strong moral beliefs and one was that man should never hit a woman.

For 12 years I was married and abused by my now ex-wife. I am a survivor and not a victim.

When we were first started dating she stated that she had been abused prior by her partners. She became physically abusive in the early stages of dating. I thought that this was because she had only know this in response to her previous relationships. I sadly thought that if I just showed her that two people could have a discussion if I just acted right.

If I just showed her that if I remained calm and took it she would see that physical, verbal and emotional abuse would stop.

We married a little later because she was pregnant. During these first several years I called the police because I was scared for my sons life and my own when she became violent.

I was told by a police officer on the last time I called for help. If I called the police again to stop the violence that they would have to inform the state Child Protection Agency and my son would be taken.

Well that was the last time I called the police for help. Now there was no one to stop her because I feared that our son would be taken away. I would leave when I saw that an incident was about to happen or if one happened.

One day everything was going well when all of sudden she became upset. She started a physical attack on me. She would block the door so I could not leave. I tried to hide but she broke down the door to the bathroom and then the bedroom. I was scared for my life and our sons. I grabbed our sleeping son and him in my arms and she was still hitting and biting my arm to escape I bite her arm. I had tried to get to the car several times before but could not make it because she blocked me. Now I ran with our son but I did not have the key to the car because she took the key away from me on one of prior attempts. I sat in the car with our son on my lap holding the car door lock down so she could not open it with the key. When she ran to the other side I would hold the passenger door lock down. She was pounding on the car the windows. I was scared that she may break a window with a rock.

I did not know this lunatic person with the crazy look in her eyes. How can someone say that they love you and deliberately hurt you.

She continued beating on the car and screaming at me for 20 minutes. She went back into the house and I waited 4 to 5 hrs in the car before I thought that it was safe and she was a sleep.

The next day she asked me if I was going to divorce her. I told her that I was honestly thinking of it and I was not sure and I was scared for the safety of our son and my own safety.

As I was pondering life the next several days and no one to talk to. The Police Chief pulled me over and informed there was arrest warrant out for domestic abuse against my wife.





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