MUTE cont’d

Posted: November 25, 2016 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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……….Of course this was a curve ball of being abused and never lifting a finger against her or any women. She had suffered a cracked rib, scuffed elbow and bite mark. She fell and hit a door knob in her ribs and elbow hit the heating vent on one of her attacks. I admitted to biting her to get away from her.

The Chief of Police allowed me several hours to take care of things. There is no place for anyone to run to and he had me give him my word that I would not contact my wife.

Several hours later I put my affairs in order and turned myself in at the Police station. In horror and disbelieve I was booked. As they were booking me I had small scratches on my face from her ring when she was punching me. My back still had fading bruises and scratches on it. They took pictures of my face, back and arms.

I was in total shock and horror my abuser is out there and I am behind bars. How was this that the truth will prevail and the innocent will be not found guilty.

She pleaded with the police to see me in jail but I would not give them permission. The four months until the trial of course my visitation to my son did not happen with what the court ordered but when she allowed. I was just a shell in total shock

.Two days before trial of Domestic abuse my lawyer told me the police lost the photographs of all my bruises, scratches and bite marks.

He said they offered me a plea deal or I could fight it and if I lost I would face 1 year in prison. Every fiber of my being screamed. The courts are to protect the innocent. How can God be so unjust. How can I being the victim be convicted of abuser. I was the man and women are the abused is all heard.

I pleaded no contest at my lawyers advise at this point with everything that happened this killed me inside.

Several months later my wife promised it would never happen again and I went back and she was scared I was going to get a divorce from her and that is why she lied to the police.

The abuse turned from physical and emotional to financial, sexual, isolation, intimidation and using our son.

A person feels they are at fault and caused the problems if only they did or did not do something. No one else would could love them. You become numb and they find another way to hurt you. You bury the bad things because you cannot face or deal it. There is no hiding or not facing it though.

As I finally got away from the abuse I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was a wreck with nothing. Sleeping, eating and functioning in life was a challenge. I was lucky to find a counselor that saved me from myself.

Society still is under the perception that a man is suppose to be in control and how can a man be abused by a women.

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