Posted: March 17, 2017 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Heyyy….Been ages since my last post, i hope i still have the skill to get your attention and if i don’t, forgive me.

I have several things on my mind, mostly relationship themed as usual but in diverse forms so i will get into it.

Some things baffle me about the female folks, their ways are not our ways. This is not me generalizing but they are sure a mystery.

Sometimes attachments can be a a very bad thing and it beats me how some attachments don’t make people reason properly. LOL i don’t blame anyone but its funny when someone sticks to being a second fiddle because they can’t move on.

There is this girl i met, light-skinned, tall and clean, we got talking and i discovered she had a guy. Now this guy had a girl, she knew about this and was okay with the setting. I was confused really, still am.

Several things bothered me about this, why are you still there? what are you doing? where the top questions on my mind.

Apparently, they were just friends when he met his current girlfriend. They both discovered they liked themselves and she was a hard lover. This girl is head over heels in love with this guy and does not care. She says she would love to be the main girl but does not mind her status at that point too.

Is this a case of someone who is in love or is does not have self worth. I have done all i can to convince her to move on and that she deserves better all to no avail. The guy is having the benefit of both and its “mutual”. More often that not, this is more popular amongst the females than males.

My own assessment would be that people like this are scared to move on more than anything, afraid that nobody can treat them better or as much as they are being treated now and they couldn’t be more wrong.









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