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Mandy Rachael Designs which was launched in November last year is a socially responsible ethical fashion brand in Nigeria, founded by Miss Mandy Okhueleigbe. We have a simple policy of simply donating a certain percentage of our profits, precisely 50% into the education of children in need in Africa. The fashion brand started as a fund raising platform towards a campaign program for street children hawkers (street to class campaign) to be able to go to school, when sourcing for funds and donors became a problem.

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In the words of our founder and chief bag maker, Miss Mandy Okhueleigbe, who is also the (more…)



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Hey guys, been a minute since my last post. Hope y’all feeling good. So i’m switching it up about now.


In 2006 designer Renee Strauss teamed up with Martin Katz Jewlers to create a $12 million dress covered in diamonds. It has been labeled “The Diamond Wedding Gown.”

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Fashion!! Hmmmn! This is something which is quick becoming part and parcel of our lives whether you like it or not. You don’t need to be a fashionista to be unique.

Style is personal. It’s like music, it appeals to different people in diverse ways. Every individual has his/her perception or definition of fashion.

Personally, I like to define Fashion as “The perfection of Simplicity”. You may be wondering what this is all about. Lets just say, I’m one who loves everything simple. So what i’m all about are the tiny details that make up the great piece. Therefore,  its more of the way you put it up that attracts me and not how much design and accessories you have on.

Ok, enough of me. Today, I’ll be introducing you one of the fast rising fashion stylists and designers and the amazing people behind it. This will be of more benefit to the female folks here.


Now, Loyaute Couture are the new fashion – forward line for urban young ladies. Their line is composed of the brightest mixtures of colours, patterns and fabrics. They have a fusion of the choicest vintage and modern styles from both African and Western origin.

Every girl wants to dress up in clothes that make her feel comfortable, classy and above all beautiful. Albeit clothes dont make you beautiful, Loyaute Couture have made it their mission to provide clothes that make you feel like a ‘hot sturvs’ even on your gloomiest days. Their collection ranges from dresses, skirts, pants, tops and blazers.

 Here is a cross section of some of their designs

003 Layered cape top with sequins

003 Layered cape top with sequins

#007 Blue dress with red bow

#007 Blue dress with red bow


I’m very sure you are impressed with what you can see, so don’t just admire, make that needed change in your wardrobe. For bookings and for more enquiries …just go to Thank me Later #GoFashion

See ya Next Week *deuces*