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Posted: March 16, 2016 in MoViE rEvIeW
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Hey guys, its time for Movie Review. This week i’m gonna put it into 2 sections. Top 10 trending movies and “My top 10 movies”.

Trending movies just basically shows the biggest movies premiering in the box office at the moment and as we know not all turn out to be as dope as they hype them.

My top 10 movies comprises of my favorite movies for now, relative on when you reading this post. I’ll say late last year (2015) to  March 2016.

Feel free to drop your comments

Lets get to it. (more…)



Posted: March 16, 2016 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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….Rose walked in, waved at both of them with a smile on her face and sat on the couch to watch TV.

Jeff was surprised….and then asked Mike…”do you still want to check up stairs?”

Mike declined….

No o! We must go…let’s play Fifa. I go flog you today.

When they both got in the room, it was as cold as a freezer.

I thought you said the AC wasn’t working??

Ehn me too I’m surprised…na so the thing dey do…it comes on and off. (more…)


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Mike got up, lifted her and placed her on his laps…he grabbed her by the waist and put his head on her bossom before he lifted his head and kissed her on her lips…

She teased him more by taking her cloth off….as he was about going further…she got up, picked her cloth and left…she winked at him before she closed the door behind her.

Mike couldn’t believe she didn’t let him give her chuks…

This girl baaaad! He said to himself… (more…)


Posted: February 18, 2016 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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Dude! What up? you home?

Yeah sure….you dey show?

Yes. I dey come

OK na…

Door bell rings….

How far na…wetin dey happen?

Guy i dey, I’m freaking hungry.

Food no dey house?

At all mehn…There’s no cooked food and Rose is not back from the market.

Rose? Who’s that?

The new househelp….

Oh! Una don get house girl….you never told me na

Uhn uhn! You for say make i dey share fliers for the whole estate say we don hire house help. Ode boy

Lol! Mumu you no get sense….na u sabi (more…)

“Heeey, who do we have here if not the sexy Nicole?”….Nicole in her attempt to turn and find out who had called her, hit some packs of cereal to the ground. “Err..sorry about that”..apologizing to the shop attendant. “Heyyy, Ronke! ahan, longest time, where have you bee….” “ehn ehn! don’t start”, Ronke interrupted raising her hand, “Is it not you that forgot about us, ever since you got transferred to another branch..go jor”. Nicole was trying to control her laughter, she was happy to see her close friend and former colleague. (more…)


Posted: July 8, 2015 in MEXY-DOO'S DIARY
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“Good day sirs, have you had time to go through the menu or decided what you would”…..”Water will be fine”, interrupted Oliver. “I will have the chef’s special thanks”. The waiter walking away rather confused. I knew something was wrong, something he was not telling me and i was intent on getting to the bottom of it.

Oliver has been my one of my closest friends, he was like a brother to me but since i was relocated to Port Harcourt (Job reasons) we haven’t kept in touch as much as we would have loved. But he called me, said it was important and i remember the tone in his voice. I could smell trouble. (more…)

I knew him or should i say them. it was almost too good. A relationship goal. Picture perfect.

They had more than love, they seemed to understand it took more than that to stay together. This for me was the difference and what people failed to understand. That there are stages to this – that is, a great relationship. (more…)

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When Dele got to the balcony, he walked up to her and asked how she was, she replied him with a tight hug. The hug lasted a couple of seconds before they both let go. Are you having fun asked Dele. Yes i am but I’ve had a lil too much to drink and you know me when i’m tipsy, i get very….you know. Dele smiled and said yes i understand. So who did you come with Dele asked, i came with my friends replied Sophia. What about you? I came with Tola he said. Oh! Okay….and where is she?  She’s having fun with her friends on the dance floor. And why aren’t you with her? Ain’t you supposed to be dancing with your girlfriend? (more…)

Dele was a bright student who loved to learn and also loved to pass on the knowledge from whatever he had learned to others . He was also a very good looking young man, 24 years of age, 6ft 1 inch, broad shoulders, blue eyes and a body to die for. He was the best student in his class with a GP of 4.86, he was very humble and down to earth despite the fact that he came from a very wealthy family. His father is the renowned architect, Mr Tokunbo Thompson and his mother the managing director of Keystone Bank. So Dele basically had everything working for him. (more…)

Hey fellas, its been a while since my last general post. Been a lil busy of late…hope everyone’s good?

So i’ve come up with a series of issues i’ll be sharing with y’all in the coming weeks. This like my previous posts are very relatable. So i’m looking forward to your amazing comments.

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